Anglican Church Leaders in Australia have spoken out against the Sydney Archbishop who opposes same sex marriage.Church leaders accuse the Archbishop Glenn Davies of working with the opposition party who this week rejected a referendum to put same sex marriage to a public vote.

The issue of same sex marriage within the Australian Anglican church is considered contentious by some as the Church has not put forward their official position on it.

The accusations against Archbishop Davies’ are resultant of his recent decision to not renew the license of Church Practitioner, Dr Mascord who had shown support for legalizing same sex marriage.

Archbishop Davies issued a statement explaining his decision to not renew the license of Dr Mascord; “Because of his rejection of the authority of the Bible and the doctrine of Christ (as received by the Anglican Church), the Archbishop formed the view that it is not appropriate for Dr Mascord to hold a licence to preach in the Diocese of Sydney.”

Church officials have responded differently to same sex marriage across Australia. Reverend Peter Emanuel of the Anglican Church in Perth has spoken out to ABC News in an attempt to assure Australians that people from all sexual orientations are welcome within his congregation.

A Gallup poll shows that 61 percent of Australians support same-sex marriage, suggesting that if a referendum had not been blocked then there would be a favorable majority.

Resentment towards the church appears to be building with citizens in favour of Same sex marriage; @BarbyWT tweeted ‘Does the Catholic Church have the moral credibility to preach about no #samesexmarriage in Australia? After the child abuse revelations, NO.’

This discussion is likely to continue as Australia appears to be divided on not only the political stage but also within the church.  A referendum on the issue will not be discussed again until at least 2019.

By Matthew Williams