Virginia Raggi accused of making the nation ‘look like fools’.

Italy is no longer in contention to host the 2024 Olympics, after withdrawing their bid to host the Games in the capital.

The Italian Olympic Committee were forced to cancel their bid following a vote by Rome’s city council to retract their support for it.

The city’s newly elected mayor Virginia Raggi vehemently opposed the bid, stating that it was unfair to allow ‘the people of Rome and Italy to shoulder the debts’. She confirmed last night that the money saved would be used to tackle corruption within the capital’s legal system.

Raggi’s decision to focus on Rome’s internal corruption follows 2014’s ‘Mafia Capital’ scandal, which revealed the layers of corruption between politicians and mobsters. Many of those who were embroiled in the scandal continue to be tried for embezzlement and rigging contracts worth millions of euros.

She has, however, been criticized by the Olympic Committee’s Chief Executive for making the nation ‘look like fools’, as Italy previously pulled out of the race to host the 2020 Games.

Rome’s withdrawal from the bidding process leaves Los Angeles, Paris, and Budapest as the contenders for the 2024 Games. The IOC will select the host city in September 2017.

By Jack Meggitt-Phillips