Samsung issued a first recall of its Note 7 products from all countries. But China, as the biggest smartphone market according to BBC, was excluded.

Although Chinese consumers protested against this decision, “the Note 7s sold in China used a different battery and were safe”, says the Korean electronics giant.

However, many users of Weibo-the Chinese tweeter-said their Note 7s were not “safe”, as one Note 7 user named Xiaonaimengmeng in weibo described: “Keep away from Note 7 or your life is in danger.” Many people in China continued to share pictures of their “exploded” Samsung Note 7s. Another Webo user “Wolegecaocao” mocked Samsung Note 7s phones: “Now terrorists can just buy Samsung phones as bombs.”

The situation continued to worsen, which finally led the Chinese government to request that Samsung has to recall all Note 7s phones sold in Chinese market. “There have been 20 incidents involving overheating or fire-related accidents with the phones in China”, said the Chinese government department that oversees consumer product safety.

This time Samsung has indeed released a lengthy and official statement in which it decided to recall all its Note 7 smartphones from China. However, how much reputation can it gain back from the biggest smartphone market in the world?

“Would Samsung still issue a recall in China if the government didn’t do anything?” wrote one Weibo user HoneYyHani in China.