After the N.Korea leader, Kim Jong Un, has decided to “invite” everyone in the country to celebrate his birthday party, says the Telegraph. It follows a week in which the N.Korea leader was angered, according to NHK, by the US decision this week to conduct a naval exercise with S.Korea.

The US has ignored Kim’s “warning” that the US mainland and all US bases in the Pacific are within reach of DPRK’s “nuclear arsenal”. The exercise will continue through this Saturday.

In response, North Korea, according to Telegraph, has denounced the operation and started to shift the public attention from foreign affairs to the coming national holiday. It added that Pyongyang will also take this national holiday as a chance to enhance Kim’s power base by making it his birthday.

The Korean Central News Agency has announced the plan on Tuesday to set Kim Jong Un’s birthday as the national holiday in N.Korea. It said ceremonies will be held to praise the accomplishments of the country’s founder Kim Il Sung and his heirs. It added that the gatherings will take place in Pyongyang and Mount Paektu, which is regarded as sacred to the North Korean people.

Like Kim, all previous leaders in N.Korea and even their “mothers” have set their birthdays as the most important festivals or holidays in the country.

Kim has been devoted to establish and strengthen his position in North Korea. In May he held the first Workers’ Party congress in 36 years. The latest move of setting his birthday as a national holiday seeks to idolize himself, which all previous leaders did in the past.